Acute & Chronic Support Sessions

:: To be noted: there is no follow up email or spiritual decoding time during any of the acute & chronic support treatments. These treatments are designed to be hyper focused on the discomfort at hand, overall maintenance of symptoms & diminishing the side effects for those who require consistent longer term support ::

Bookings: :: 250-880-3330

:: In-Person or Distance ::

~ Universal Life Force Energy Sessions ~

The entire treatment will be focused on energetic maintenance, physical stabilization, keeping intensities at bay & dissolving of discomforts. Remediation is the master intention + keeping everything tuned up so nothing becomes more intense while creating a new baseline for wellness. These sessions are perfect for situations such as back pain, kidney stones, blood pressure concerns, auto immune, injuries, cysts, cancer support, migraines ect.

These sessions are mostly leaning into the Reiki modality, hands on energy & the physical body. If any other tools are called into the moment, they may be added. If any info arises about immediate lifestyle shifts/tools to support symptoms, there will be a brief window to pass them along after the session.


Choose from any of the following options:

45 mins: $111

1hr: $133

1.5hrs: $166

2hrs: $188


4-Pack Sessions = 11% off the total :: all 4 sessions must take place in a 6 week or less timeline & must be all booked/scheduled in all at once

*All sessions include time on an advanced 5 therapy multiwave mat*

~ 4 Session Package: Payments can be made anytime up to session start time (advanced payments are much appreciated). Refunds/cancellations must be done no later than 48hrs prior to 1st session, no refunds after that point. Rescheduling requires at least 48hrs notice prior to each session or the full value of that session will be charged (includes no shows) ~

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