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‘Higher Frequency 5D Chakra System’

Many of us are familiar with the 7 base chakras of the human biofield or may have seen an image of these mystical vortices. Well did you know there is more? 

This interstellar workshop will journey into the galactic cord & the multidimensional highways to discover what the 5th dimensional higher frequency chakra system is all about. 1 by 1 we will ride the ethereal waves to see what each of them are all about. We will dive deep into these 8 additional higher frequency chakras to investigate all of their metaphysical mechanics, spiritual properties & effects they have on our reality. In addition there will be crystalline wisdoms provided about what an entity may experience if these stellar vortices are consciously activated or what can occur if they are unbalanced/unconsciously running dormant in the background. Let's access the vibrational multiverse of the expanded 'You' & how we can use the quantum 5D chakra system for full spectrum healing!

Unlimited Streaming :: $25

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‘Transmissions From Our Star Lineages’

3.5 hour omega workshop focusing on 6 of the most potent meta-terrestrial star nations that have played a part in creating the current human form + 12 strand DNA & star beings that are heavily involved with our quantum history.

Your galactic hosts: Derek Pennett & Hari Dev Khalsa will be guiding you through the realms of the Lyrans, Sirians, Pleiadians, Draconians, Arcturians & Andromedans + plus you will receive a 30min powerful guided interstellar meditation-activation at the end.

What do these beings look like? What kinds of starships do they have? What dimensions do they live in? What are the mechanics of their spiritual connections & abilities? How humans may carry star nation traits, even 100’s of millions of years later. Do they have presence on Earth at this time? + so much more!

Unlimited Streaming :: $66

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‘The 12 Dimensions Of Incarnational Reality’

This interstellar workshop will guide you through all of the 12 dimensions that exist in our universe. You will receive a quick overview focusing on the basic quantum mechanics of how these dimensions function, what they are made of & how they are interrelated.

Then we will take a deep dive into the metaphysical blueprints of each dimension, starting with the 1st dimension then journeying up to the 12th dimension. 1 by 1 we will unravel the codex of all the multidimensional properties that fuel our incarnational reality, from the physical to the astral & which dimensions all the human supernatural-spiritual experiences originate from.

1.5hrs :: Unlimited Streaming $25

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2 Crystalline Omega Guided Meditations - Activations

Over the course of 15mins your oversoul will be treated with 2 crystalline guided meditation-activations for raising the frequencies, accessing the multidimensional you & powering up the metaphysical avatar biological vessel to the next octave of self awareness, energetics + etheric refinement.

#1: Harmonic Alignment For Connecting Into The Field Of The Multidimensional Self :: 30mins

#2: Illumination Of The Lightbody :: 30mins

Unlimited Streaming: $25

*Link provided after payment is received*

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