Cosmic Multiwave Mat Session

Bookings: :: 250-880-3330

The session includes:

-5 divine crystals covering the entire mat (quartz, amethyst, jade, obsidian, tourmaline)

-Far infrared therapeutic rays  :: PEMF (pulse electromagnetic modulation frequencies)

-Very high dose of negative ions :: copper coiling to balance the invasive electrical currents

-Includes time to settle into the space + you get the The Star Temple treatment room all to yourself!


Are you feeling tired or lethargic?

Do you have physical pain or discomforts?

Experiencing inflammation or tension?

Muscle twitching or anxiety?

Disconnection from spirit?

Excessive mental chatter or stress?

Distorted patterns?

Problems with blood flow?

Nervous system damage or overloaded?

Want to illuminate the 3rd eye?


This is only scratches the surface of what this amazing metaphysical tool can do for you. Come lay on the mat/treatment table, enjoy some relaxing-powerful metaphysical music, recharge the stellar master batteries & experience much deserved yin time, so we can return to zero-point field for total re-centering + galactic regeneration!

1hr :: $111 (each) (more information/bookings)

*In-Person :: Victoria, BC (only)*

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