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~ Add 30mins to any session for extra full spectrum healing on the treatment table or some extra quantum time to decode the metaphysical insights at the end of the treatment :: $66 ~

I met Derek a few months ago after I listened to him give a talk at the Victoria Intuitive Arts Fair. I instantly connected with his language around our multidimensional selves and was excited to meet with him. We have since had 3 sessions together over the last 5 months and I look forward to each one.

Derek seeks to know his clients overall health and wellness and best ways to support them. At the beginning of each session, Derek seems to be guided by an inner wisdom to ask the right questions. He is a wonderful reflective listener to whom you can share your vulnerabilities with. 

What I love most about Derek is his deep listening and intuitive nature helps guide him to co create an organic spiritual experience with and for me. His advanced studies of many spiritual modalities and certifications make him a very knowledgeable guide. While our time together has been relatively short, many personal revelations, synchronicities and manifestations have sped up. I can honestly say that I feel well supported on my spiritual path and feel more aligned with my souls purpose. 


I have been receiving multidimensional reiki with Derek, The Cosmic Messenger. After the first session my digestive system began healing in a big way. I had been suffering with painful GI issues for almost two years and tried many things to heal it. I am so grateful to be able to eat without ensuing discomfort. After my second session my right shoulder released, I had been experiencing symptoms of a frozen shoulder. My range of motion in that shoulder has been almost completely restored! These are just a few of the physical symptoms that have been released from my body.

I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience on Earth and know that the work being done in me spiritually is vast and multidimensional! Derek is instrumental in this journey and I trust him completely. I have been very cautious opening up to energetic healing having come from a religious background. I felt guilty and judged and had a need to constantly please others. This is falling away and as it does I am feeling more connection to spirit and freedom. I am so happy and thankful to be on this path with Derek as a guide. 

Julie O.

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