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For the cost of a single session with The Cosmic Messenger, you can have one of the most powerful decks on planet Earth & it will keep you busy for the rest of this incarnation. Are you a metaphysical shop owner, tarot/oracle retailer (includes booths at markets) or distributer? The more you order the price goes way down! 1 to 15,000 copies can be purchased per order.

One Stop Shop

There is no deck like this on planet Earth!

55 Ultra Premium Cards - 187 Page Spiritual Guidebook - Magnetic Book Box

+55 Completely Unique Activation & Embodiment Hands On Practices (no 2 are the same)

$222 :: Single Orders

Want to join a 50 bulk order purchase?

Send your email/full name to: thecosmicmessenger33@gmail.com

Once 50 beings join, the cost of the deck will be $99 (approx.). & you will contacted for payment by e-transfer. If you live outside of Victoria BC, shipping will be added to the cost. For residents of Victoria BC, you will be responsible for pick up @ The Star Temple.

*subject to subtle changes = shipping or printing cost beyond my control ect.*

‘Crystalline Portal To Power Up Your Multiverse’

There is no oracle - activation deck quite like this on planet Terra (Earth). Welcome to the next sacred gateways & vibrational mechanics of advanced multidimensional living,

Whether you are just starting our or deep in the luminary - starseed stages, Metamorphosis Oracle will meet you exactly where you are at, in this quantum now.

This is an interstellar synchronicity like no other! Will you heed the clarion call for galactic empowerment?

*If you are searching for a wide range of metaphysical practices/modalities, just had an awakening, looking to start the ascension process, needed some deep spiritual studies, quantum guidance, are a starseed requiring something that can resonate at your level or (+) wanting to do full spectrum healing/radical self care, look no further*

*Card Examples*

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