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‘Energy Encoded Digital Cosmic Collage Artwork’

Metaphysical creations to open the gateways to multidimensional living. Each work is co-created with spirit to promote dynamic self awareness, deep crystalline spiritual connection to your higher self & offer sacred wisdoms based on the title of each work + through the symbols/imagery.

Fused with universal life force energy, so wherever they are located it will raise the frequencies of the space, purify the energetics & offering lightcodes for the oversoul complex.


Examples Of My Divine Creations

:: available on a wide range of products, from canvases, prints to journals & clothing ::

‘Photonic Inner Voice Speaks, Are We Listening?’

‘Metamorphosizing Into The Higher Self Complex’

‘Extra Sensory Perceptions & Supernatural Abilities’

‘Solfeggio Tones Of Creation & The Universal Symphonies’

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