Transformational Packages

:: All of my vibrational healing sessions-treatments come with a follow up email detailing all of the sacred medicines, insights, downloads that took place during our quantum time together & some moments at the end of each session to talk about what transpired-decode some of the messages ::

Bookings: :: 250-880-3330

'The Photonic Plasma Recalibrator'

A trio-pack of crystalline treatments: This power pack includes 3 treatments: Theta Wave Reiki (1hr 45mins), Multidimensional Reiki (1hr 45mins) & Aura Scanning (1.5hrs). This offering can be done in-person or long distance.

Ultra-fine tuned & cosmically tailored specifically to your being for total transformation. Whether you are just beginning the awakening process, stuck not knowing where to start, arrived at the hall of mirrors/dark night of the soul, need a deeper high vibrational tune up or swimming in galactic lightcodes/ascension work, this trio of sessions is quantum perfection! The auric field gets rebalanced-recharge, nervous/endocrine/lymphatic systems recalibrated while providing the stellar body with universal lifeforce energy for getting accelerating well-being & becoming in-touch with your quantum soul.

As the Reiki runs its intrestellar current, feel the effects of reduced tension, stress release, standing in your power center, fusing the divine masculine + feminie energies, accessing the Hara Line, cleansing all chakra systems & the galactic cord for a return to a pure homeostasis state of total transformation. Let’s connect to your spirit guides!

3 months, 3 sessions (flexible depending on client’s needs/schedules)

~ $555 ~ (full payment in advance) (for more information/bookings)

*Cancellation policy: you have until 48 hours before 1st session for full refund after that period there is no longer a refunding option (some exceptions apply)*

*In-person or (distance) online*

'Axiatonal Illumination Sequence'

This is a super charged 3-pack of quantum treatments, ready to align your lightbody, all chakra systems, merkaba & is a catalyst for releasing anything not serving your divine highest good. It unifies is with the galactic mind, mends energy leaks, locates distorted patterns & unifies us to our golden radiant ray of maximum self-worth.

This heart centered package opens us to unite with our sacred intuitive abilities, connects/repairs the nervous system, remind us of natural law & brings in multidimensional timelines. Aids in emotional/spiritual balance, while promoting speaking one’s authentic truth & connects to our oversouls 144 parts. This is a relay grid for all your axiatonal templates, using Pleiadian frequencies for psychic surgery as we travel into the astral 7 planes of existence, deep into Gaia's core & the cosmic realms to create a metamorphosis so you can connect with your higher-self.

Includes 3 interstellar sessions: Tameana Foundational (1hr 30mins), Tameana Antahtakrana (2hr) & Universal Hexagram (1hr 30mins) + decoding time.

3-months, 3-treatments, (flexible depending on the client’s needs/schedule)

~ $555 ~ (full payment in advance) Bookings or more information:

*Cancellation policy: have until 48 hours before 1st session for full refund after that period there is no longer a refunding option (some exceptions apply)*

*In-person or long distance*

Celestial Freedom Codex Activator

:: Includes 3 'exit the matrix’ 2hr deep dive chat sessions ::

Not sure how to navigate beyond the mainstream vortex or overwhelmed by the immense amount of information or have you just discovered that we live in a mimicking reality of illusions & need some support!

Session 1 Focus: Geoengineering, Dissolving Idolizations Genetically Altered Foods, EMF Radiation, Pyramid Of Top Down Power & Surveillance State

Session 2 Focus: Conditioning, Psychological Operations, Political Smoke Screen, Manipulated Historical Records, Big Pharma & Banking Cartel

Session 3 Focus: Holographic Illusions, False Flags - Fake News, Chemicals - Toxins, Non Earth Entities, Weapons Of Mass Education & Predictive Programming/Subliminals

Not only will we cover these wild important topics, you will receive an abundance of wisdoms & metaphysical tools to support your new pathways to multidimensional soul freedom.

3-months, 3-treatments, (flexible depending on the client’s needs/schedule)

~ $666 ~ (full payment in advance) Bookings or more information:

*Cancellation policy: have until 48 hours before 1st session for full refund after that period there is no longer a refunding option (some exceptions apply)*

*In-person or long distance*

Advanced Lightworker Amplification

Pleiadian Star Code

This advanced protocol is primarily for Starseed, Luminaries, Lightworkers, beings who are deep into their ascension process or have experienced many sessions working with me & are ready to accelerate their metaphysical realms for total metamorphosis. This is due to the powerful 15 dimensional axis-vortex that is created for massive shifts & enhancements to our subtle bodies.

Merkaba spin factor realignments, influx of stellar kundalini/spinal recalibrations, full auric shield upgrades, new gaia templates, primal light currents come online, 8D physic surgery, full spectrum healing, total core root pattern uprooting, higher octave nervous system adjustments & accessing the 12 stages of the lightbody, axiatonal interface & the lightship to 24 strand DNA complex. From the etheric body, finest of frequencies to the realms of Star Temples this session is absolutely incredible.

This only scratches the surface of this profound, ultra-consciousness Sacred Heart Tameana treatment.

~ $188, 1hr 30mins ~

~ Add On: session starts with  a 30min Guided Meditation-Activation (Harmonic Alignment For Connecting Into The Feild Of The Multidimensional Self) $255, 2hrs ~              

(full payment in advance) (for more information/bookings)
*In-person or (distance) online*

Quantum Immersions

:: Interstellar Spa Intensive ::

Galactic Soul Spa :: Sat & Sun :: 11am - 4:30pm (both days)

@ The Star Temple

Sat: 2hr Universal Life Force Energy Codex Session :: 1.5 hr Lunch Break (I am available via text or phone for spiritual guidance) :: 1hr Metaphysical Decoding Session :: additional 20 mins PEMF cycle + multiwave mat solo experience :: Custom Tea & High Vibrational Snack To Encapsulate The Day

Sun: 30 mins guided meditation (Illumination Of The Lightbody) :: 1.5hr ‘Hybrid Session’ Tuning Forks For The Stellar Spine/Auric Field Tune Up :: 1.5 hr Lunch Break (I am available via text or phone for spiritual guidance) :: 1 hr Metaphysical Decoding Session :: Tao Oracle Single Card Pull Divination (Custom Tea & High Vibrational Snack) :: Full Email Report For Both Days

Crystalline perfect for those who want to treat themselves to a quantum solo weekend retreat, deep exploration of the inner-verse, radical self care recharge, power up the starseed vortex or a wonderful addition to your celestial vacation.



(full payment in advance) (for more information/bookings)

You have until 48rs prior the start of the interstellar spa for full refund, after that point there are no refunds (you are credited for the sessions in the above mentioned 2 day spa format only :: some exceptions apply)

*In-Person Only :: Victoria BC*

:: 12 Stages Of The Lightbody Codex ::

~ The Ultimate Solar Year Omega Intensive ~

12 sessions :: 1 per month :: 2hrs each

*Includes a variety of moon cycle length (28 days) of advanced metaphysical practices to do between sessions :: must be ready to fully commit :: this is a transdimensional sacred process*

The lightbody is a multidimensional, meta-galactic core highway that is a bridge between the spirit world & the incarnational realms. We all have one. Each of us is at different stages in this quantum now, all pathways are unique & there is no judgement for how far along we have come or dropped in consciousness. The only factor that plays into this omega intensive package is that are you ready & set the intention of commitment to fully expand to superconsciousness.

Very few beings or entities on Earth have completely activated the 12 stages of the lightbody within in a single incarnation. Some rare beings come fully activated at birth. This journey of alchemical transformation is designed to absorb the master introductory blueprints of the 12 stages of the lightbody into our energy fields & the divine subconscious so they never leave our radius again during incarnational living, as they get imprinted into the akashic records of you .

This omega intensive package is carries powerful frequencies for radical full spectrum healing, recalibrating all of our metaphysical parts, complete cleansing of our subtle bodies, compost everything in our reality that no longer serves us, creates a cosmic field arounds us & raises the vibrational vortex of our nervous system to prepare for 5th dimensional living. Be prepared for advanced self awareness, waves of spiritual awakenings + the starseed key codes of ascension so we can access more of the multiverse when we incarnate & release-transmute star karma throughout the multiverse.

Here is what is included in this 12th dimensional gateway of radical self care & acceleration of the crystalline metaphysical multiverse:

Stage 1:  Theta Wave Reiki Session (mudra :: daily, 11mins, 1 month) :: etheric double integration

Stage 2:  Tamenana Foundational Treatment (tapping :: daily, 7mins, 1 month) :: higher self & core star activation

Stage 3:   Hua Tuo Jiaji ‘Tuning Forks For The Stellar Spine’ + Extended Session (meditate with clear quartz & alter creation + pick ascended master, 3x per week, 22mins, 1 month) :: astral twin embodiment & wing maker frequencies

Stage 4:  Multidimensional Reiki Session (frankincense 3rd eye :: every 2nd day, 1 month) :: oversoul 144 photonic complex

Stage 5: Tameana Antahkarana Treatment (vibrational elixir :: rainbow frequency :: daily, 1 month) :: galactic cord illumination

Stage 6: Multidimesional Reiki Session (asked to be worked on just before entering dreamspace via psychic surgery realms :: weekends, 1 month=every Fri, Sat, Sun) :: 12 dimensional axis & hara line

Stage 7: Aura Scanning & Outer Shell Rebalancing Extended Treatment (sat kriya :: daily, weekends off, 7mins ::  1 month) :: 7 layers of the hypercolor aura fusion

Stage 8: Tara Code Treatment (vibrational elixir :: galactic frequency :: daily, 1 month) :: complete identity & hova body templates

Stage 9: Universal Hexagram & Universal Life Force Energy Enhancement Session (cold water parasympathetic yin dip :: 2X per week, 3-4mins, 1 month) :: 12 strand dna remembering & plasma body anchor point

Stage 10: Advanced Crystal Grid + 12 Sol System Celestial Bodies Acutonics Tuning Forks Portal Session (Spiritual Growth book :: read daily 10 pages, 1 month + exercises) :: blueprints of the arc & axiatonal lines

Stage 11: Gaia Code Treatment (mantra=subtle bodies/inner lightship :: daily, 15mins 1 month ) :: emerald heart master gridwork & divine child-masculine-feminine-elder vortex

Stage 12: Pleiadian Star Code Treatment + 30mins Guided Meditation-Activation Treatment :: once per week for 1 month) : merkaba spin repatterning

**Vibrational elixirs + PDF copy of the book ‘Spiritual Growth - Sanaya Roman’ are Included. All other month long metaphysical practices tools ‘frankincense & clear quartz’ are paid for/supplied by the user.**



(full payment in advance) (for more information/bookings & option of a 2 part payment plan)

You have until 48rs prior to 1st session for full refund, after that point there are no refunds (you are credited for the sessions :: all sessions must be used within a 12 months window that begins after the 1st session or they expire :: some exceptions apply)

*In-Person or Distance (Live Online)*

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