Aura Scan, Tuning Forks & Spiritual Guidance Sessions

:: All of my vibrational healing sessions-treatments come with a follow up email detailing all of the sacred medicines, insights, downloads that took place during our quantum time together & some moments at the end of each session to talk about what transpired-decode some of the messages ::

Aura Scanning & Outer Shell Rebalancing

We will journey throughout the 7 layers of the auric field & the outer shell (golden egg) for focusing on revitalizing-repairing-harmonizing the cosmic aura. Each layer is bathed interstellar vibrations & gets the attention it deserves + your spirit guides may come into assist. Starting at the etheric body, we travel to lower emotional/mental layers, then the astral plane, passing through the etheric templates (upper physical), the celestial body & finally the ketheric templates of the upper mental realms. Once completed, the outer shell casing of your aura is unified with all 7 layers for supersonic elevation.

This is to remove all the sludge, bring forth the wing maker frequencies, turn on the essence self & create an energy grid all around you that is robust, self containing, emotionally balanced, heart centered being that you truly are. Lets talk to your cellular networks & hook up the stellar gateway chakra. This session is the perfect tune-up for metaphysical lightworkers & coming into contact with the zero-point fields.

~ $188 1hr 30mins ~ (full payment in advance) (for more information/bookings)

*In-person or (distance) online*

Hua Tuo Jiaji
'Tuning Forks For The Stellar Spiine'

Our spinal column plays a central role in all matters metaphysical, spiritual & its the gatekeeper + cosmic doorway to our kundalini current. Its also a master link to the ethereal nervous system.

You will receive astro-attuned tuning forks, primed for which planetary celestial bodies are calling, in that quantum now, all based on your cosmic journey & catered specifically to your being. Each vertebrae will be engaged, as this gentle yet powerful sound healing tool works its galactic medicines.

Passing very slowly all the way down & back up your spine, this is the ultimate for deep tissue recalibrations, cellular regeneration, harmonic nutrients for our bones, accessing the divine will templates, lightbody repair + regulating your vibrational-energy current so you can exit the session feeling rejuvenated-nurtured on an etheric soul level.

Assists with traumas, blockages, stuck frequencies, inflammation & all zones of back, shoulder, neck, muscle pain. Tunes up the 1st (root) to 5th (throat) chakras, as they radiate both from the front + back sides of the human vessel.

~ $155 1hr ~

(full payment in advance) (for more information/bookings)

*In-person or (distance) online*

Spiritual Guidance & Metaphysical Video Chat

Have you just begun the spiritual awakening process & are feeling stuck? How about deep in the ascension transformation but need some assistance with the advanced stages? You can pick the topic for anything you wish to know more about, you can share your current synchronicities or I can teach about anything in the relams of multidimensional living & we can spend it together decoding the insights, divine wisdoms & mystical energetic changes.

We can focus on the 12-stages of the lightbody, merkaba accelerations, all chakra systems, 12-D templates, auras, animal spirit guides, consult the oracle cards, discuss starseed origins, etheric double, spirit guides, sacred geometry, color therapy, 12-strand DNA, the photon band, elementals, archangels, ascended masters & so much more!

~2hrs, $255 ~

(full payment in advance) (for more information/bookings)

*In-Person or Online Video Chats*

'Exit The Matrix' Video Guidance Chat

Do you need assistance navigating the overload of information about the corruption on Earth in regard to the deep state everything, the hidden hand or the shadow governments? Feeling the call to change vocations or relationships (including family) dissolving due to speaking your truth about the state of affairs about he lies we have been told? Need someone to talk to about the new paradigm shift & generate some galactic tools for proceeding forward into the unknown?

It can feel like the world you knew is collapsing all around us & you no longer resonate with it. These experiences can be overwhelming & feel like a total reality shift. From chem trails, distorted media, toxic educations systems, GMO's, 5G, Hollywood programing, MK Ultra, fluoride in water to secret space programs, draconian laws, we can touch base on any subject & take it as far as we need to go!

~ 2hrs, $255 ~

(full payment in advance) (for more information/bookings)

*In-Person or Online Video Chats*

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