2024 - Cosmic Blog Articles

Metatron’s Cube :: July 15th 2024

Metatron's Cube is not only a mystical tool for activation of different elements of the prime spiritual body, it also embedded into the make up of the universal gridwork of the universe & the access to archangel Metatron deep wisdom.

This opens up the gateway to the akashic records, has all 5 platonic solids built into it's blueprints & begins with the fruit of life. It connects the planetary physical planes of existence with the divine flow of universal life force energy, as it weaves itself into all of creation.

You can stare into this shape for hours, seeing endless shapes, receiving endless transmissions & open up the gateways to lightcodex for the multidimensional oversoul. Designed for sacred meditation practices, it allows the user to have a greater potential to reach higher states of awareness.

Balance & harmony live here. Due to the 5 platonic solids we have some key structures it embodies: stability & foundation, flow & adaptability, collective unity, harmonic assimilation + balance between opposing forces (polarities). Crystalline healing can be generated especially if this sacred geometric symbol is used in-conjunction with other metaphysical modalities or frequencies.

This is all about mind-soul transformation, to return to an illuminated form that uses personal power for the improvement of the environment around us & not for distortions or corruption. Regeneration, renewal, with an abundance of infinite energy. It boosts the voltage of other sacred geometry symbols near it & fuses directly into the subtle bodies so we can vibrate our highest self possible.

Using this creation in the form of a charging plate is a powerful tool for rebalancing the energetics of a glass or vessel of water + opens up the gateways to the multiverse & can shift our consciousness to alignment with source frequencies. Metatron's Cube wants to strip off our non organic masks, show real authenticity & cleanse all distortions that linger behind the scenes. It brings in the photonic light.

‘Flower Of Life’ :: July 8th 2024

Sacred geometry is an important piece of the very make up of the universe. We are made of sacred geometry & it was there before the current biological soul form we inhabited. All of creation swims with the grid of perfection that is the multidimensional gridwork geometrix. Everything creation has it's own sacred geometry built into itself & it holds together the network between all the cells. This acts as axiatonal lines & is birthed from the 6th dimension.

There are many forms/types of sacred geometry, many more to be discovered. Let's welcome in: 'The Flower Of Life'. Born from the seed of life & the egg of life this majestic creation resonates primarily with putting all of your metaphysical parts back into working order. It is the gatekeeper, the luminous vibrational grid that remembers your crystalline state before the distortions settled in. This is the cycle of transdimensional creation, the source that we all came from. Life, reality, death/transitioning, rebirth & cosmic shapeshifting.

It holds divine wisdom & unlocks key codes hidden in the dimensional blueprints. The entire spectrum of divine masculine-feminine principles resonate with the flower of life. It wants to create wholeness on grand scale, both individually & collectively. If you are missing pieces of yourself or consciousness or oversoul then we can feel incomplete or lost on how reintegrate them back into our being. Call upon the flower of life or scry into it, to open the gateways to it's frequencies.

This masterpiece shows us that the multiverse is interconnected & that are particles share reality. What we do here, affects the whole, even if it's on another planet, dimension or the other end of the galaxy. It is a cosmic amplifier that support the etheric sustenance of all living things. By working with the flower of life, we pry into the soul, so we can view what needs to be healed, upgraded & acts a catalyst to find our greater purpose in this plane of existence.

Wearing this symbol as a pendant can act as spiritual protector, so the auric field can stay in harmonic balance & all powered up. It can be used as charging plate for crystal grids & assist with recoding water. This is your zero point fields & if we where to view the universe from a very high vantage point we could see millions of flowers of life link up to create celestial patterns that transcend time & space.

The mental body & the mind can be transported to new realms of thought. Place the flower of life in your minds eye & take an astral journey to the spirit realm & beyond, cause without this form of sacred geometry the hue-man form would be able to exist, let alone have the link cable to the lightbody energetics.

Our Being Has Infinite Messages :: July 7th 2024

There are so many distractions that keep us pulled away from listening to our inner wisdom. Most of us are trained since birth to ignore our sacred biology (the physical body) as having any deep profound knowledge. This creates a resonant field that influences our environment, those around us & the collective in lower consciousness ways.

Our biological vessel is jam packed with infinite wisdom, ripe with multidimensional messages that speaks to us daily. Given the fact that the physical body is interconnected to a whole host of subtle energy bodies & metaphysical energetics, we have everything we need inside of us to be in a constant state of harmonic equilibrium.

We can learn from our environments, yet we outsource so much of our cosmic wisdom, convincing ourselves we know very little or are capable of developing new heights of awareness. For many it runs unconscious in the background.

The quantum time has arrived to listen to the ear tones, feel the frequencies, see the energy all around us, notice the lights flashing, sparks of synchronicities all around us, our higher self speaking directly to us, the gut sensations, magnetism of what we draw to us on the higher planes, instant knowing, telepathic communication, body talk, cellular messaging & the organic intuition that flows through us.

When we peel off our masks, shed the layers & reactivate our original blueprints, then we are prepared to start the full spectrum journey to reach our masterful authentic inner voice, the ascended master within. Slow down & listen to your body, mind & soul complexes: they have transmissions waiting for you.

PS (Paradigm Shifting): If you are needing some assistance with seasonal allergies due to a variety of pollen in the air, these are 2 powerful tools: organic/bio dynamic astragalus (caps) & ocimum (tea) forms. With guidance from a high vibrational herbalist you can take this realm to an even more refined cosmic level. Choose wisely & make sure they see you as 'not a one size fits all'. Each of us is unique & has a our own galactic configurations.

‘Quantum Energetic Report’ :: July 2024

:: Galactic Vulnerability - Radical Capability - Zero Point Fields ::

What an incredible ride it has been & we are just gearing up for another cosmic wave of frequencies to enter this dimensional plane of existence. The lead up to this month was nothing short of physical body breakdowns, dis-eases, infections, unwanted growths, digestion issues & discomforts. It just keeps coming & will not dissipate until the collective & we ourselves individually put radical self care for ourselves + the sacred environment at the forefront of harmonic appreciation/wellness.

Drama is going to lead the portal as we march into July as everything that has to do with family dynamics & family secrets are coming out to play. Some of these will be magical & others may be intense. If there is any power plays in the bloodline units, this will need to checked with a fine tooth comb to really understand where the core root causal came from. With all the diamond & rainbow crystalline templates + the continuous 12 strand dna activation, the lightcodes are gong to be thick.in the celestial body. You may be called to remix your living space, rearranging, purging or organizing in fresh new ways. This can also be the momentum we need to discover who our star family is, reconnect with our bloodline family or spend some closer time with our children or siblings. If there is any major complications, it's best to navigate this realm with caution. Be mindful that if you travel lots, the vibrational current will support you in having your home wherever you roam (the crab). or if you are not sure where you want to develop roots, this may be the catalyst for wanting it or exploring many places to find the location.

With a new moon in cancer coming up shortly, this a divine opportunity to recommit to your goals in a powerful way. Tapping into our nurturing qualities or learn to use them is key this month. As sensitivities may arise, emotions may be more reserved only if we feel safe to share them. Be mindful of moodiness taking control for longer periods of quantum time. This is about moving from protective mode, into empowerment. In some cases protection mode is a fantastic tool, however if we lean into it as default there is usually something hiding just below the surface & we are aware of it. Learning to master family dynamics, studying our star lineages or past life information will offer massive gains in the realms of inner development, which pulsate the frequencies into the collective gridwork. Later in the month, exactly 1 month from last month full moon, is another Capricorn full moon. Round 2 gifts us another opportunity to move from vulnerability to capability. How strong are we to stand amongst the most challenging times ahead? How robust are we to learn a new skill that we fear or tell ourselves we can't do it? Can we handle the mounting pressure of multitasking at this time? Are we able to be there for our loved ones when our capacity is seemingly drained? Are we able to walk into the unknown of harmonic healing & not buckle when the frequencies are raised or the shadow work comes calling? Ponder these questions. If we are too vulnerable, then even the smallest low intensities can cause us to crumble. What good are we if we are barely poked & we fall over, only to complain that no one can take of me or its too intense.

As we near the end of the month there is a mystical gateway that opens, known as the 'day out of time' in the Mayan calendar. This is the ultimate purgatory vortex one that offers us a chance to really feel like all time is happening simulcast. Well, it is! That is how quantum time works, Infinite ways to calculate it, from infinite planets, dimensions & realms. The zero point fields live here. This is the still-point of the universe. It speaks directly to our cells & the dna, where the OHM sound resonates. There is great mystical power in the day out of time, as the Sirius rises with the sun. This day rebalances the moon calendar, opens the regenrative power of Earth  & recodes the spiritual pathways to self awareness. Rebirth, cosmic influxes & a whole slew of energies for the auric field + rebalancing our 3/6/9 vertical rod with the horizontal 12D stacking. Touching your heart & 3rd eye with your hands for 22 mins can open up a strong connection to this powerful day. If you experience ear tones, they may increase in frequency. We can to Earth to learn & expand. Here is another omega opportunity.

Are you ready to keep running the gauntlet & ask for assistance if you need it? You got this!

‘Building A Body Of Light’ :: June 17th '2024

The amount of light that our being can host is a very important feature of harmonic wellness. It's the direct light from the Sun, the photonic light from ascension portal, the sacred geometry of each light packet that fuses with our 12 strand dna/cellular network & the multidimensional information encoded into each of the bandwidth of waves that accompany each light ray. This includes both visible & non visible.

Nature can see far more of this spectrum than our hue-man eyes can, so if you add up the collective of the animal kingdoms supernatural abilities it showcases that there is a majestic field of light & energetics all around us.

The key code is to not forget this.

The key code is consciously invite the golden rays into our being.

The key code is to visualize enlightenment, to become less dense.

The key code is to request the frequencies to bath our being.

The key code is to focus on the lightbody.

The key code is open to receive so the vibrations of healing can move through your stellar vessel,

Light is very powerful & governs how we show up in reality, assists us to feel more vibrant, whole & complete. It carries deep wisdom & spiritual downloads inside of its codex. Photonic energy convert nutrients to the cellular pathways, shows us what is distorted in our realms or what is in sacred alignment.

Building a body of light takes time & lives in all of 15 dimensions in this neck of the universe. It responds to your divine mind, central heart & soul. To know the light, is to know you!

What Is The Foundation Of The Universe Made Of? :: June 8th 2024

We are far more than the physical realms, in fact the entire multiverse is made of transdimensional frequencies. This creates all the physicality that we experience.

Quantum sound vibrates the initial codex just after prime creator first manifested supersonic thoughts using the ultra divine mind. We are all pieces of this expression, as we are fragments of this sacred source. It's fantastical & incredible to know that each of assisted in the creation of all that is.

Universal life force energy then filled up every space of the universe, down to the tiniest particulate. This is essence our souls & the spirit realms are made of. It is hyper alive.

Then photonic light birthed itself, to then create lightcodes, information & multidimensional color. After this step, sacred geometry came rising to the surface for creating the templates for matter on any level holding forms.

In combination with celestial bodies (planets) the universal life force energy, kept it's original essence then a portion mutated into another form know as prana. The air that we breathe.

Frequencies dance all around us, bathing our being in starseed vibrational currents. Energy is the fuel that powers all dimensions. You could think of the universe as a giant battery, ready to astral exploration & superconsciousness evolution.

Our galactic avatar bio-suits (the physical body) are made of these substances. They more in relation to the unseen realms, than to the physical tangible realities. This is not to say that physical is not important. Physical is a gift from the stars.

Remember your star lineages, remember that all you eat is particles of of energetics & that your entire being's auric field is the most complex majestic vibrational vortex. Your 12 strand DNA can feel this, the cellular networks can speak directly to it & your complete identity lives in a universe of harmonic frequencies.

Monthly Energetic Forecast :: June 2024

:: Information Maximus - Supersonic Remembering - Being In The Now ::

Kicking off this month is a powerful event know as the Silver Gate Portal from May 28th - 31st & the effects will be felt long after the gateway closes. Aldebaran is Conjunct our Sun & this opens a portal to 'remembering'. Souls get bathed in a special kind of light just prior to entering this planet gridwork to begin the birthing process. We all experience the veil of ultimate forgetting on this plane of existence & to make sure everything is not fully lost, Aldebaran encodes information directly into our DNA. This interstellar constellation is also know as one of the 4 royal stars. Memories may come to surface as past life regression is amplified + the akashic records are wide open or more easily accessed.

Gemini season is upon us & with it comes a curiosity for a wide variety of activities. In addition it can feel like information overload, as pockets of info come flying at us from all directions, sometimes with no organization to what is presenting itself. Everything will be speeding up or moving incredibly fast & the challenge will be to stay in the now, being divinely focused on what is directly in front of us without looking to the future. New lightcodes of wisdom have a greater opportunity to finds us in the most unexpected ways. So if a certain book, article, video or potent encounter comes our way, its best to take advantage & dive deep into investigating what has synchronistically magnetized to you. Don't just skim over it, be very thorough. We may even feel a bit restless at this quantum juncture. Be mindful of how much you can actually handle & using high vibrational physical activities can greatly assist. Self expression may feel like having a full top to bottom recalibration. Use this opportunity to refine yourself or not to be stagnate in how we show ourselves to reality. If you are a more reserved type, this month will be focusing on uprooting your crystalline qualities of expression  so they can shine bright. Resistance to this will only create challenges, surrendering to the process will catapult your being to elevated self awareness/ease.

Summer solstice this solar year will resonate with turning inwards to discover all the lightcodes, nourishment & multidimensional frequencies required to transform + evolve. Building a body of photonic golden light will be a primary vortex to pull all our attention into. Feeling the codex of creation, doing ultra sonic visualizations & the letting majestic Sun's rays bathe our being provides harmonic alignment to transmute all that came before last years summer solstice. How are we nourishing our mind - body - spirit? Are we feeding it distortions or crystalline nutrients: from the physical, emotional, mental to the astral. Honoring the cycles of reality comes full circle here, remembering the important roles that our biospheres play & all the sentient creatures journey through it. Also this is all about personal power. Did we give it away to an outside force or relationship? Can we stand firmly in our central truth & knowing? Are we able cross bridges of intensity in full form & do we know who we truly are beyond our given temporary names?

Honor the light within & without. Become a beacon of etheric light to assist others to awaken & so that even in the face of transdimnsional darkness, we can anchor in what is required for the next stages of alchemical transformation. Lean into all things golden & taste the bio dynamic honey that is dripping all over the northern hemisphere. Call in the lightcodes & create a ego balanced you!

The Silver Gate Portal :: May 27th 2024

Every solar year (Earth based linear time :: May 28th - May 31st), the Silver Gate Portal becomes activated, as our Sun is conjunct with one of the 4 royal stars = Aldebaran in the Taurus constellation, near the hand of Orion.

This annual vortex is known as the gateway of remembering. The veil of forgetting is intense on this planet, so prior to entering Earth's morphogenetic fields souls get bathed in special kind of light via the star Aldebaran just prior entering the cave of creation on Earth (the location just before entering the womb). This assists those souls travelling to this planet or incarnating once again, so that no matter the drop in consciousness or matrix overlays, the totality of forgetting will be lessened, as the DNA & cells are encoded for the catalyst to restore the missing memories of what took place.

This portal can feel like guardian angelic beings watching over all of those who have been bathed in its multidimensional energy. Aldebaran is a star of enlightenment, which assists us primarily to feel lighter, fill our being with light, so that our reality is less dense, heavy & compacted. This creates more ease & flow when we navigate all of our experiences.

We may also download new inspired ideas from the universal gridwork, directly into our minds, as receiving spiritual wisdoms are greatly increased during this quantum time. As the portal of remembering opens up, this a fantastic zone for doing past life regression work, the akashic records are wide open & memories from our oversoul/soul contracts can come to us as visualizations, though packets or streams of consciousness.

Dreamspace will be further activated at this time. Use this portal to sharpen the mind, build stamina, protection & ask why came into this incarnation. Your soul knows, its the 3-D vessel that is catching up & it requires the necessary lightcodes to make this happen.

Aldebaran energy is very powerful. This gateway will be stimulating the mental spheres, so if be mindful that the mental body might have experiences of feeling overwhelmed or perhaps anxious. Be sure to offer plenty of radical self care for keeping everything in alignment.

As the energetics are building this raises consciousness, transmitting codes of light to the hue-man collective. Aldebaran has a link with the original genetic coding that allowed for the experience of free will Earth. The original genetic coding holds photonic key codes for unravelling who we are, what we are & where we come from. What is my elevated purpose? Ponder this deeply & you will be supported.

There will be an elevation of multidimensional frequencies this week as bravery & stamina will be called as virtues to master. The 3rd Eye can undergo harmonic pulsations as the vibrational current fills this planet with stardust deluxe. This offers our being more memories, visualizations & points the cosmic antenna towards this celestial alignment. Be open & receptive to allow what every is required to come your way for your highest good only to accelerate the pathways to self awareness + harmonic growth.

The Plasma Body Explained :: May 23rd 2024

One of the most fantastic members of the 11 subtle bodies sacred team is: 'Plasma Body'

It's divine sacred role is allow transmutation to take place & alter the forms of things, experiences, energetics or happenings.

If we did not have a plasma body nothing in reality would ever change & it would remain dense forever. We have physical plasma inside of us that is in close contact with our DNA, cellular networks is malleable like moist clay & we also have an energetic plasma that is connected to the universal frequencies + the morphogenetic fields.

In order to evolve the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual forms, the plasma body is needed to facilitate these upgraded/shapeshifted realities. The plasma body is multidimensional. It's the very light-encoded substance that allows the feminine vessel to be ever changing. Holding the codex for alchemical transformation to take place, as it is the interface to which transmutation occurs.

This subtle body is alive, remembering all of our upshifts & downshifts, as it host a very high amount of universal life force energy ripe to expand the light quotient inside of us. The plasma body speaks directly to any patterns, behaviors & routines that we are looking to shift from distortions to crystalline. In addition when we regenerate a physical aspect of the biological body, this stellar creation has the templates to make this happen.

Reality is ever morphing & so is the plasma body. As the astral twin takes us on supersonic journeys, dreamspace happenings, it is the plasma body interlinks each 'scene' to the next. The Earth has a larger collective plasma body that interconnects to the collective networks/consciousness. If our plasma body is running low due to feeding it toxins, unhealthy lifestyles or ridged dense blockages, then our capacity or compass to move into the next stages of self awareness are greatly reduced.

The plasma body is the gatekeeper of peeling off the old outdated layers, the subtle body that allows the new operating systems or powerful implants to be spiritually downloaded into our being & when light encoded frequencies are transmitted via energetic workers or light language speaker, it is generated via the plasma body directly. Sacred geometry gave birth to this galactic creation & quantum sound fuels it's nutrients. The auric fields closest metaphysical part is the plasma body as the mechanics of the aura are interwoven into this masterpiece. They go hand in hand. The aura is always morphing, every minute of every day & so its the plasma body as it governs changes + the auric field.

All matters of ascension, awakenings & massive revelation come directly from ancient-future creation.

The next quantum time you successfully increased the energy fields around you or altered a pattern for your highest good, you can thank the plasma body for it's interstellar support.

2 Powerful Tools To Add To Your Sacred Medicine Kits :: May 15th 2024

1 - The legendary Moxa Heat Packs: the all natural & chemical free masterpieces are activated by shaking them for a few minutes then they begin to heat up. This can last up to a full 24hrs. Not to put placed directly on the skin for longer periods of quantum time as it can get quite hot, though safe to touch with your hands. Increases circulation in the body, stimulates lymphatic purging, soothes the digestive track & if you run cold, in many cases this can be your best cosmic friend. Restoration of Yang energectics, healing physical discomforts & charges up the master battery in the solar plexus while tapping into the multidimensional bloodlines of our incarnations. Communicates directly with the Earth Star & the etheric double + assists with working through stages 1-3 of the lightbody + the 1st plane of existence.

2 - Cordyceps: Very small doses is all you need to feel the effects of this ultimate tincture. Strengthens the immune system, stimulates appetite, promotes vitality/longevity, expands libito, recalibrates the hormonal systems & opens the higher crown chakra for interdimensional communication. You feel lighter & more receptive to receive multidimensional transmissions as the mental body become more clear & purified. This stellar tool also moves wisdoms retention to surface more easily during dreamspace & the both the yin/yang aspects (divine feminine/masculine) reside in each drop the comes into contact with our bio avatar suit. Need a lung protector, this beauty has you covered & self awareness takes place by being in contact with this masterpiece.

*Both of these metaphysical tools keep our auric fields tuned up!*

‘What is The Lightbody?’ :: May 1st 2024

'The Lightbody' is a very important participant in the subtle body realms. This 12th dimensional powerhouse is a casing of photonic light that holds all of our lightcodex into place.

It came before the physical vessel & is the casing that holds all the other subtle bodies into place. The lightbody acts on a multidimensional plane of existence, existing in the spirit, etheric & incarnational realms simultaneously. It vibrates at a very high rate & shows us our capacity to hold the finest of frequencies inside the hue-man vessel.

The more we can build our body of light, by feeding the lightbody celestial nutrient the faster we can heal, manifest & slow down the aging process. The lightbody hosts what is called the 12 stages of ascension. This is the marking point of where you are at in this very now & the progression of growth needed to reactivate the 12 strand dna codex. All 12 dimensions plug directly into the lightbody.

The lightbody can adapt to new alchemical transformation changes. This subtle body coverts sunlight into sacred information/wisdoms for us to utilize during our incarnational existence. It's how we can energy from the sun, how we process high vibrational knowledge from the akashic records & gateway to 3-6-9 rod repairing.

If there is any metaphysical parts of us that are not in alignment, this subtle body will be the informer as it watches over/governs them. It's important keep it tuned up so we don't feel disconnected from source, sluggish or scattered, looping out in repetitive behavior as when its tuned up, all flows in divine alignment.

When our consciousness is focused on the lightbody, it expands. This in turn opens the central heart, powers up our personal power centers & if (rare cases at this quantum time) fully activated is one of the main factors of being able to leave the planet at will with our body to then re-incarnate on a more on demand basis. The lightbody never expires & its with us at all time. If there is work to done, it will let us know in a massive vibrant way, so we can become radiant, whole & metaphysically complete!

‘Monthly Energetic Forecast’ :: May 2024

:: Transformational Regroup :: Gathering Crystalline Resources :: Celestial Reflections ::

What a ride the spring vortex have been. With us now fully immersed into Taurus season + the Eta Aquariids meteor shower apex approaching, this is the ultimate quantum time to rest, recharge & review all the happenings that took place over the last few months. The pull in May will be towards doing a full scale assessment of what took place over the last 8 weeks, to see what came up, the kinds of areas in our reality that require multidimensional healing & the pockets of our consciousness that came to the surface to be noticed/integrated/upgraded.

We will have a a little bit more room to breathe this month as we navigate the quantum future. So gather up all your metaphysical tools & resources so you can now begin the process of laying the foundation down for any vocational, healing or home based projects your wanting to nurture. The last Mercury retrograde greatly amplified the dreamspace work, put so many relationships directly in front of us that need mending & that highlighted how exhausted we might be feeling. In other cases: 'When will the processing end?!?' So much to process, so much acceleration, so much communication. Many of us will feel like sleeping extra long, taking numerous days or weeks to catch up with all the photonic lightcodes that entered our being from the eclipses.

Self love, enjoying consciousness expanding arts & natures beauty will be on the front burner. be sure to go easy ourselves as we can feel like we got spit our of black hole coming out the other end transformed. This is natural. Lean into meditation practices coupled with palo santo smudging/golden healer quartz to synchronize all these areas into a common goal while easing the intensity this can have on our nervous system. This is no easy task, but now you bask in the sun, refresh the home energetics with more space to breathe between happenings. After all you are building a new you & Taurus is very methodical, while being a bit slower so it can all be integrated in a powerful way. Just take the time to have a pause & enjoy the finer areas of reality as you deserve it. All the emotions that came up, the mental sphere subconscious memories, physical disruptions, spiritual activations-missed steps was all a lot to digest, very much needed & for those who paid attention to what was bubbling up, nice work it was not easy. For the others it may be a more denser ride of physical discomforts.

Now that said, we do have an apex point coming up soon with some magic & intensity: the Eta Aquariids meteor shower. This is a what is called the 'Cosmic Mirror', an off planet mirror that hosts the entire elements of our being. Pieces of our consciousness, fragments of what makes us as an individual & the ultimate reflector. Many of us have heard of the 'Hall of Mirrors' during an awakening process, its intense until we surrender to it (everything becomes a mirror), well the next octave is the 'Cosmic Mirror', which highlights the entire structure of our psyche + physical/mental/emotional/spiritual bodies from all multidimensional timelines then it acts a  master mirror for the collective. Anything that is distorted, not in alignment will have the etheric light shined upon, only in this case it comes powerfully but gentle so we can read the pages of reality in more neutral way. This is not to say it won't have impacts but it will a bit easier to digest that the eclipses. Pay close attention to how reliable we actually are, stubborn in certain areas, how we can improve being loyal & tap into our inner 5-D sensuality + the comfort levels we have with our biological forms. Also what is holding us back from following our desires, dreams & what frustrates us about the current paradigm of the matrix. Focusing on how we shift this paradigm will massive this meteor shower & practical ways we can nudge it to evolve in big ways.

‘The Higher Self Complex’ :: April 18th 2024

There are 11 energetic bodies within the banner of 'The Subtle Bodies'.

One of the most well know is called 'The Higher Self'. This subtle body is our future self that is completely pure & intact so that we always have a guide post to what we are striving to become as an undistorted being.

You could think of it as similar ascended master baseline of yourself, as once this portal is fully integrated, then that is when the next stage of self evolution takes place. However, the higher self can keep up with an ascended master vortex, as it upgrades as we reach new baselines.

The deep wisdom that we hold inside of ourselves live here. This is the nesting pod of multidimensional knowledge & balance so profound we sometimes forget that it came direct from us. The higher self is you. So in a sense you have already achieved the goal you set out for yourself.

If we did not have a perfected fractal version of ourselves, then how we would know what we are working towards. Let alone it reminds us that we don't always need to search for an outside source for guidance as sometimes the guidance (quite often) comes directly from us. Have you ever heard your voice being whispered into your ears (loudly) on rarer occasions? That is your higher self calling.

This subtle body is attached to the nervous & the galactic cord above the head. For many of us at this quantum juncture, the higher self is further away from us than it normally is. The causal is awareness, consciousness & environmental factors. Physical pollution distorts the frequency waves of our natural being, thus having less of a connection to the higher self.

The higher self requires tunes up, nutrients & vibrational fuel to truly become integrated into the avatar biological/physical vessel (our human bodies). When we activate through a metaphysical practice we illuminate the soul, which stimulates the higher self & its relay grid via the nervous system. When we live high vibrationally the codex of lightcodes streams through the cellular network of our being to wake up the higher self once again. As hue-mans we have a 12 strand DNA complex & the higher self is fully linked into each of these strands, waiting for them to be re-activated into our waking life + it's interwoven into each of the subtles bodies as they all work in tandem.

The overseer of our dreamspace: the higher self. The more a being connects consciously to the higher self the more it will show itself!

‘Sacred Medicines Card Pull For The Week: 'Prime Creative Source Codex' :: April 14th ‘24

via Metamorphosis Activation & Empowerment Deck :: Ultra Premium Oracle

The entire universe is filled with creative energy & creative potential, features infinite ways to tap into the field of our imagination centers to make manifest. This euphoric essence is quite often not tapped into, due to distractions in society or a societal/self programming that we are not artistic. Every action that a sentient being takes has the potential for incredible manifestations. Almost everything we do is governed by the creative source codex, yet everything we interact with was etherically created at some point in quantum time. In order for anything to take form, it requires the creative pulsation.

The prime creative source codex is made of harmonic frequencies, calls us to create something of galactic value that elevates the hue-man consciousness evolution & is cyclical with the bio-systems around it.

We channel the vibrations that align with originality, epic execution, refined design, made with high vibrational eco-organic materials, take risks, pull in the genius qualities & journey to places uncharted. When we don’t exercise our creative sides, the vortices inside ofus that govern our connection to creativity can become distorted. Creativity is as important as anything else we do in our realities& is an important ingredient in harmonic wellness. When we exercise our creative energetics, our being gets an opportunity to shine, fuse with prime creator, interact with the multiverse, powerup the right hemisphere of the mind & enter a trance flow of epic proportions.

‘Quantum Energetic Forecast’ :: April 2024

:: Pulling in the Lightcodes - Feel It In The Blood - Quit Waiting Around ::

The highlight this month is going to be all eyes on the next legendary total solar eclipse in Aries happening on April 8th. We have not had an eclipse that was this powerful since the one in Aug 2017. The energetics will be felt for 6 months post this majestic event.

There is no more quantum time to sit on the sidelines waiting. The calling is to create self initiation that reverberates through your entire being. Many aspects of corruption on this planet will be exposed & any distortions in our fields will rise to the surface to be seen, only this time it's not about lingering on them or spending endless hours thinking about what to do with them. Start commanding the 'reprogramming instructions', power up, make a decision & move forward with sacred multidimensional action.

Everything is speeding up, the acceleration is pulsing the collective to move towards creating, manifesting & dissolving any systems that no longer serve us.  We have had more than enough moments to contemplate shifting our realities. Now it's the perfect gateway to do something about it. This is about momentum & endurance so it can create a new patterning that stays with us for the long term future. 

Drink plenty of water, keep stimulants low, avoid junk food, reduce EMF exposure & look closely at the elevated dreamspace wisdoms. Many beings will encounter more 'ear tones' or hearing soundwaves coming from outside Earth. As the photon band increases the voltage we will be called to get physically moving to harness the frequencies. This physicality is also going to be deeply felt in the blood, the bloodlines & the core of the Earth at this time. Take some moments to let the astral waves wash over you, through you & within you.

Emotions may come flailing out unexpectedly, so embrace the deep wisdom they share & continue to move forward without lingering on them. This eclipse alignment draws to us the shadow & the light + radical self care, courage, leadership. Lead yourself as no one else can do it for you, unless we are blinded by false leadership that do everything for us, or we only make a move when they tell us to do so. In some cases we need fresh expanded leadership to create a New Earth template that empowers everyone. Some beings have this natural ability & the energetics are ripe for many starseeds to come out of hiding/step into assisting the collective to get higher vibrationally organized with while also bringing much needed awareness into the mix. We can only show up as good as we do radical self care.

Aries loves radical self care, mix in the fact the north node is in Aries (this eclipse is happening at near the north node), we have a massive universal life force energy power station waiting at our doorsteps. The planet needs radical self more than ever at this time. Rediscover your raw identity & remember that this life is only one of infinite forms you will take.

For those who are fast asleep right now, you may spin out in cycles of downscaling consciousness & mundane living. For those who are awake, feel the activation deep in your core & enjoy watching the truly bizarre surreal show that is taking place in the mainstream avenues. You can see the 2 master timelines splitting even further, oh my!

Etheric Double :: March 18th 2024

Each one of us has an 'Etheric Double' that journeys with us throughout all of our incarnations. We do however receive a refreshed version it as we enter a new biological vessel (including the animal kingdoms).

The etheric double is one of our subtle bodies. It lives & rests above our physical body about 3". Semi transparent, ethereal by nature it governs the energetic portions of our physical body. What happens in the physical, directly affects the etheric double. To really heal the more challenging aspect of physical discomforts, the etheric component needs to be recalibrated & addressed.  Quite often there rips or injuries that can also appear in the etheric double.

When the 'Astral Twin (another subtle body) goes astral travelling on any capacity, it's the etheric double that holds it into place, acting an anchor point. The etheric double carries deep wisdom, transmissions, multidimensional information about our soul journey, particularly what our physical body is experiencing, how it functions & its unique properties on a spiritual level. As we or practitioners make direct vibrational contact with the hue-man avatar bio-suit, the visualization & transmissions that come forth are send to the receiver from the etheric double, which can include behaviors, patterns & routines that are fueling what we are experiencing.

For instance, if there is an issue with the vagus nerve quite often there may need to be some 'etheric chiropractic' work done just above the body in the auric field for untwisting or repositioning it back into place + then simultaneously still doing the raw physical remediation work. The 2nd last stop before any form of frequency healing energies or photonic universal life force energy enters the body, its filtered & absorbed by the etheric double.

To be noted that if there are some serious physical discomforts that impact star karma or soul contracts, it creates imprints on the etheric double, then on some occasions may even travel with us into the spirit realms/next incarnation.

Sometime we feel like we have 2 quantum versions of us, well we do!

Bi-Location :: March 11th 2024

When a full spectrum frequency healing treatment is taking place, it can feel sometimes as there is more than one set of hands on the body or in the auric field.

Bi-location, tri-location or quad location is a technique used during metaphysical energy based sessions for a practitioner to place themselves in multiple spots at the same time. This is a useful tool to not only increase the healing energy current, it allows more quantum work to be done.

This all takes place in the astral realms, using the astral twin which is anchored into place via the etheric double. In addition various transdimensionals working for your highest good only & spirit guides may join in for extra support. When an incarnational entity (a person) feels that there was more than one set of hands on the body at any point in time in a session, this is 100% happening.

The ability to use this can have endless healing advantages. Imagine being able to activate all points in a meridian lines simultaneously, connecting the galactic cord above the head with the earth's core grounding in cord at the same time or full body discomforts of the joints so some quantum time can be freed up to other work that is being called in. Endless applications!

Bi-location is not just reserved to the healing arts, it occurs regularly all over the multiverse & many beings on this planet have felt like they where is 2 different locations or realities at the same time. These location can be near us, far away or in another dimension.

‘Quantum Energetic Forecast’ :: Feb 29th 2024

:: Metaphysical Gateways - Bubbling Energies - Removing Obstacles ::

Every solar year, ascension energetics just seems to be continuously increasing with minimal break or pauses in between. Well, March is continuing this mystical train, so gather up all your metaphysical tools as we are in for another wild ride.

Patience in all areas, while doing the work, will be the master key codes as the healing work cannot be avoided at this juncture due to the consistent colorization of Pluto in Aquarius for the next 21 'ish years. Pisces season is in full multidimensional effect. Our attentions are going to be placed on the metaphysical nature that we all inhabit, however are not always consciously aware off. The spinal cord will be activated this month & with this brings an increase of prana that wants to enter the physical vessel so that our being can be a larger container to house healing universal life force. If anyone has auto immune related discomforts, they will be highlighted & may even experience flare up beyond what normally occurs. With this prana increase comes a focus on the lungs & make sure to get plenty sleep if you are called to it, as we also have an eclipse coming up soon + the spring equinox.

This is a fantastic time to journey out to nature to receive it's lightcodes, gaze upon the stars to remember our star lineages, speak to our cellular networks as we remember that we as many cells as galaxies in the universe & to tap into all the planes of existences that are non-physical. So much inner wisdom can be developed through focusing on the quantum realms. With the spring equinox come a much needed renewal portal, the warmer weather, more sunlight, however this one is going to be about not only celebrating the land we walk upon but to get the most out of it, we welcome in a cosmic re-birth as old forms that no longer serve us are ceremonially cast away + the return a lightening of our soul/essence self. Avoiding this will only create more denser energies that cause confusion in our being or if we use substances to ignore what is happening (shadow & the light = equal parts) we may find ourselves in some tricky turbulant waters or miss important deadlines/dates as we are living all astral with no care for making plans & everything passes us by. Balance is key: soul exploration/quantumplation mixed with high vibrational practicality that nurtures/enhances our day to day routines to the next level. As the month goes on, everything will slowly be speeding up.

Now on March 25th we have a heavy hitter coming into the mix, with a lunar eclipse in Libra. Anything that we have been procrastinating, will be illuminated. As the eclipse frequencies begin to bubble up a couple of week prior, we are in for a wild ride. Any areas of people pleasing will be need to be released & if certain layers within relationships are feeling stale or dull there will be a clarion call to take a look at the patterns that created this in the first place. The capsule of the eclipse is like a dam, that waiting to burst open with fresh alien vibrations that will bathe Earth & all sentient beings in it. The heart beat will be ready to clean house & by removing an obstacles that are in our pathway, everything will feel smoother. Either way the eclipse is coming to do some spring cleaning of such obstacles. Instead of seeking equilibrium in all of our social spheres or outer relationships, this eclipse portal is all about equilibrium of our subtle bodies. The only being we can manage is ourselves & its going to take scanning our entire foundation from the food we eat to the types of entertainment we digest to the words we speak so we can remember that they need radical self care + are all interconnected (Pisces). There will be an abundance of photonic energy on this planet near the eclipse portal & it will be magnetized to the water inside of us & the kidneys are going to need as much love/care as we can give them at this time. These are mystical times, full of majestic energy waves that are supporting us as we transform.

The questions are: 'Are you consciously paying attention to signs & synchronicities that are appearing in our field, vying to get you attention for deep healing?' or 'Are you distracted by endless drama & artificial lifestyles that degenerate our celestial spiritual connection?

'Astral Twin :: Member Of The Subtle Bodies Cosmic Family’ :: Feb 26th 2024

In the hue-man energy field there are what is known as the subtle bodies. There are many. One of them is called the 'Astral Twin'.

This very important aspect of our being plays a vital role in all matters of non physical. Just because most of us cannot see the subtle bodies, does not make them any less real. We connect into them by sensing/feeling them & we utilize their functions far more often than we may realize.

The 'Astral Twin' is the 2nd stop in the subtle body train link. It is overlaid on top of the etheric double, resting anywhere from six inches to the 4th layer of our auric field (12") above the body. Every time we enter the dreamspace realms we are tapping into the astral twin. It gathers vital information & relays it back to the higher self for interstellar communication, mostly focusing on the most potent knowledge found so it can expand self awareness & consciousness. It decodes the wisdoms happening in our dreamspace, places the lightcodes where they are needed most & then opens the gateways so we can get work done while we sleep + shifts star karma trough the DNA/multidimensional timelines.

There is a icy blue silver cord that connects the hue-man physical body to the astral twin. This not only holds in place with our physical vessel, it also enables us to have out of body journeys or experience astral travelling. When an entity travels with the soul on a guided meditations journey, performs remote viewing, sends long distance healing or is going on an adventure while receiving a full spectrum energy treatment, the astral twin is the subtle that takes the master controls. This subtle body is directly linked into the etheric double (another one of the subtle bodies), which is the closet to the physical form we have. The etheric double acts as an anchor so that the astral twin can continuously stay connected to the human vessel.

The astral twin governs bi-location, so any time anyone has felt they are in 2 places at the same time or perhaps a being is sensing that a frequency healing practitioner was in multiple spots around the treatment table during sessions, these are all real experiences. When we think of the astral twin, we can think of it as a semi transparent nebulous version of you, acting as an energy duplicate that lives in the 4th dimension & is not bound by linear time/space.

Quantum is how it functions & by re-activating the 'Astral Twin' we can power up its blueprints so an individual can access its higher sensory abilities that it offers. The higher degree of of astral twin templates that get installed into our avatar bio-suit the more vibrational current we can handle. This raises the frequencies, opens the lines of spirit guide transmissions even further, purifies the heart field frequencies, powers up the multidimensional self + reminds us that reality is much more than just pure physical.

PS (Paradigm Shifting): Distorted white noise & loud in-organic sound from non-harmonic technology + heavy drug use (including allopathic medicines) is very challenging on the astral body, sometimes taking multiple incarnations to repair. Living in a crystalline metaphysical environment creates a homeostasis vortex for it to grow & expand.  A bonus feature for a healthy astral twin is we slow down the aging process.

‘High Vibrational Body Care Products & Bio-Dynamic Household Items’ :: Feb 16th 2024

To live multidimensionally, requires a complete overhaul of our reality.

One of key areas is cleaning out all of the toxic products/tools in our environments & sacred home spaces. Material objects hold a vibrational current. As we shift from 3D to 5D the items, chemicals & synthetics in our reality become a greater importance in our awareness.

Chemicals stunt vibrational expansion. Synthetics are the causal of many dis-eases. Non organic elements deliver discomforts & erratic emotional complexes. It is not just the food we digest but the whole field of bio-dynamic living that is omega important.

Choosing Earth based fibers that have not been laced in questionable refining practices, taking a close look into what we put on our skin & removing the lab made scents that permeate laundry detergents will all assist with metaphysical illumination.

There are so many diverse options in this quantum now, ready for the next stage of hue-man evolution. If you consciousness is high then this will be an automatic feature that plugs into your soul. Linen & wool clothing have some of the finest vibrations running at 1000Hz, while polyester/vibrate at 15Hz which is what the hue-man vessel  resonates at when we are close to exiting the body.

Earth gave us all we need to pull in the multidimensional light. It also gave us the lower octave so that we know what pathways are ripe with distortions. Moving towards single origin, organic, perfume free will boost the immune system, create a powerful aura around us while feeding our being nutrients for the soul.

So many of goods traded on this planet have fire retardant sprays on them, unnatural coatings & emit bizarre frequencies when plug into an outlet. Manual creations with our hands have its place & give us a break from the EMF + connects us to source.

If we are in the process of replacing toxic products in our homes, vocations, environments with higher frequency material items & we hit a barrier, just remember that anything you want to replace has a higher octave at this time. You just have to locate it, it exists.

Where we purchase it matters & the vibration that went into creating it matters.

PS (Paradigm Shifting): Each entity of Earth needs to stay vigilant in monitoring all businesses that create products, especially in the natural, body & health care sections. This makes sure that if they drop in quality, a mysterious ingredient gets slipped in or questionable practices arise that we made the required shifts in our realities to stay on top of the 'well its toxic but it saved the company money'. As smaller businesses grow or sell, this is something to keep an eye out for, however even a small local shop can consciously or unconsciously have toxic materials/ingredients in retail based items.

‘Co-Transmissions With The Arcturian High Council’ :: The 9th Broadcast :: Feb 8th 2024

Today we would like to speak to you about the term Earthlings use called the dark night of soul and the darker aspects of reality. As a being travels around the universe, taking various forms as an incarnate it may encounter some heavy situations that shatter reality as they know it. You view this darkness as a polarity of light.

Being in the third dimensional illusion this is an appropriate observation but the darkness in the large scope of the universe co-mingles into every particle of the light as the two are inseparable and always unified. By looking at them in unison, the wisdom base increases exponentially and thus opportunities for self awareness become much greater. The rose covered glasses must be removed on occasion, in order to gain a much larger scope of reality and of course yourself. The darkness guides you to the light. The darkness is the light in another form, waiting to be illuminated. It shows the pathways to digging up the patterns we cannot see. To search for buried treasures housed inside our energy centers or the compounding secrets we hold in our subconscious.

The mystery of the shadows is the great teacher for what is distorted in a civilization and gives us the chance to have a hard look at what we need to expand. Without it we would not grow or evolve. Now pertaining to the arrival of the dark night of soul, this is the moment of miraculous change. A moment to celebrate a very special gift from the multiverse and remember that you ordered this gift long ago from your soul's spiritual school house. It is like the akashic hall of mirrors got opened and everywhere this entity looks they see these mirrors. They are reflecting back a full spectrum of potential transformations. Due to the oversoul contract, they cannot be ignored.

Until you relax into this great shift, that will of course put you to task, the dark night of the soul will feel like it will not end. It will end, we assure you. Every entity has its own series of transformations and different lengths of time to move beyond this powerful stage in spiritual advancement. When you surrender to the process all will flow much easier. When a release of the attachments to the old outdated self is granted, the new metaphysical programming can be uploaded so we can then share our new wisdoms with our star brothers and sis-stars.

This is all about equilibrium of the light-dark spectrum. Your planet for eons has been plagued by far too much darkness. It is out of balance. The mainstream imagery created by the hidden hands, that is then manifested by the collective, is not an accurate representation of the inner transformational shadow realms. Some of it is, however most of it is a crafty advanced method to keep you in fear and steer consciousness in the wrong direction. A return to the bring in the light is in order. One that has no hidden agendas, with all the masks off and that seeks to never forget, that giving its power away leads to distortions in the individual & collective environment.

~ Arcturian High Council ~

‘Galactic Electricity, Shine Our Uniqueness, Innovate To Renovate’ :: Feb 2nd 2024

Pluto moving into Aquarius is legendary. This 248 year (Earth based linear time) journey last occurred when the matrix based corporation of USA timelines formed. This is the most bizarre collective happening since the summer eclipse in Aug 2017 & Pluto will be star of show for this month. Just slow down & sit somewhere in public & watch it all go by, my oh my! Exciting & intense all at the same time.

Now, add in the Aquarius season into the mix for the collective, this will be nothing short of an ultimate radical energetic shift as all the distortions are bubbling up like never before. If your centered & awakened then everything looks ultra wild/discordant, spinning in repetitive circles of lower dimensional consciousness that is illuminating it's true nature for all to see. You will need all your metaphysical tools to journey through this phase & literally beings are spinning in circles as they pass by our visions.

We are only getting started. The next 21 'ish solar years that Pluto will remain in Aquarius is going to increase the intensity year after year. Just as Aquarius season began, out comes Pluto to play. Nothing can hide & all will be uprooted. Aquarius mixed with Pluto is the alchemical revolutionary, the heavy impact of freedom at all costs meeting the secrets of the matrix head on. This is the heart of the soul, the darkness merging with the electrical universe to rise up to the light. Emotions cannot hide, pre-programmed subconscious elements show itself & lack of spiritual direction due to self sabotage or by outside forces will poke it's head into the mix in an impactful way.

New forms wants to be birthed, originality wants to shatter mainstream conformity & the master narratives that have already long expired it's welcome of misleading the collective will be shown to the world at large. Shining our uniqueness in every area of our lives will be a main focus. For some this will come naturally, with the energetics fueling it for cosmic ease & support. For others who are reserved, shy , don't want to stand out or only feel safe when following the mainstream, then this could be a difficult challenge. The question is how long can we hold back from illuminating our true selves before our creativity centers become distorted, self confidence dwindles even more, being controlled by outside influences go to far or we spent so much time fitting in/pulling back that our needs are not being met with crystalline illumination.

The shadow realms are here, full on to take center stage until they are transmuted. Alchemical transformation is calling & the pulse is ripe. Get digging for gold as the revolutionary inside of us comes knocking on our door step. You may feel this month a lack of direction, dis-ease at every turn in the collective & the pulse to do something about recalibrating our environment (the distortions) all around us. The key is going to be whether we take action or not. These cosmic transmission from Pluto turn the muck into gold, so activate the genius inside of you & innovate to renovate. The collective can get stuck in old outdated forms that no longer serve us.

With the new moon in Aquarius come up on Feb 9th, this will all elevate to the next octave. Use this power day to dream up inventive ground breaking concepts that can be intelligently applied to the future. Seek inner wisdom on how these ideas can be manifested on the Earth plane even if society is not ready for them at this time. In addition if there is anything we are still hung up on or loose ends that are dangling for no good reason, this is a wonderful to set them free. Thank them for the messages, insights & teaching they brought. Now release them & be aware that some of them really did not even need to be held onto in the first place.

Boredom does not exist when Pluto enter Aquarius. I can feel like another realms of existence. If your reality is becoming stagnant & repetitive then these 2 luminaries come in for a wild ride to shake things up. For those deep in the ascension process, enjoy all the divine activations, frequency templates & upshifts over the next few weeks. Activate & turn on the multidimensional self. The multiverse has arrived & its vying for your attention.

‘ The Sacred Reiki Attunements & The Etheric Initiation Process’ :: Jan 23rd 2024

During all of the 3 Reiki Degree certification trainings, there are a few photonic key initiations that represent the apex Reiki as a whole. They are know as the Reiki Attunements.

This sacred ceremony & etheric activation opens up the receiver so the human vessel can conduct/transmit more Universal Life Force Energy. This is the healing current of the multiverse, it's everywhere & in everything. Upon receiving a set of Reiki Attunements, you are permanently changed forever in this incarnation. For some it kicks in fast & for others it is gradual.

These Reiki Attunements are very special, as each Reiki Master is taught in the 3rd Degree classes how to initiate others & perform this illuminating ceremony. It is just you and the practitioner, you & the cosmic realms. 1st Degree has 4 Reiki Attunements, 2nd Degree has 2 Reiki Attunements & 3rd Degree has 2 more Reiki Attunements.

Once completed we cannot turn back, yet we feel a returning to our true biological spirit form. Imagine being able to transmit/send even more frequency current from our hands, aura & feet. These lightcodes are naturally emitted by all humanoids, it's just that the Reiki Attunements increase the amount we share with ourselves, others & the environment.

These attunements are universally encoded to no harm, lives in the central heart space & cannot be used for malevolent purposes. They open our innate ability to become healers, practitioners, offer radical self care, take healing into our own hands, open up extra sensory activity, connect into the subtle bodies & the multidimensional highways. As we increase the voltage of Universal Life Force Energy, then our biological body gets expanded & many of the metaphysical attributes/parts begin to come online from dormancy.

These Reiki Attunements (each one takes about 15-18 mins complete) are crystalline ultrasonic & if 2 Reiki Masters want to get together to re-tune up each other (after many solar years have passed) or tune up a requesting student(s), the Reiki Attunements can be done again for subtle enhancements.  

‘Terra’s Stellar Ascension Cycle’ :: Jan 20th 2024

This stellar ascension cycle that the hue-mans of Terra (Earth) are in right now is the apex of radical transformation & spiritual actualization on the temporal plane.

We are now fully engulfed into the photon band. The astrological ages of Aquarius & Leo are the only quantum times that Terra is getting bathed in this hyper dimensional light. As we do a gravitational dance with Alcyone (Pleiades) our Sun is the 8th star of this system, we magnetically draw in the particles of this memory bank of our last ascension cycle + it remembers all that have occurred.

Photonic light accelerates everything, expands consciousness into superconsciousness while diving deep into the vortex of sacred purification. Nothing can hide & all will eventually be brought up to the surface for transmutation. What makes this stellar ascension cycle extra potent, is we are in a part of the galaxy that we have never been in before, a 225 million cosmic solar year journey & in 2012 a completion of the Mayan calendar. This has been spoken about for countless eras & the multidimensional frequencies are off the charts. There is no time like this, there will no other time like this & 2017 - 2023 is the climax of the energies, yet all will be mystically amplified for centuries to come (includes both bookends) .

The recalibration of our entire incarnational realities have begun as for those who chose to not make the leap into the grand awakening will stay in 3D mode, filled with matrix programming & dense dis-ease at every turn. The bifurcation process has opened, parallel Earth has multiple timelines & the paradigm shift has been birthed. In the next decades to come all of our Sol System will be submerged in the photon band (nanoscule dodecahedrons) & once Pluto/Aquarius are in the mix look out the next octave of hue-man evolution.

Solar flares & the Schumann Resonance is consistently spiking, the 12D diamond & rainbow crystalline templates are being installed into the human vessel through the subtle bodies. This raises the vibratory range so our subtle bodies can host more plasma & enter the 12 stages of the lightbody. 2222 higher consciousness codes offer the accessibility for quantum time (moving beyond linear), feeling the 12 strand DNA inside of us, cleansing distortions, re-illuminating the antahkarana (galactic cord) & pulling in the multiverse (there is 5 harmonic universes in this local universe).

1987 harmonic convergence was the start button. Then in 1992, 1994 a sacred activation took place on Terra to request the opening of our plasma body/subconscious as a collective to facilitate the arrival of new energetic gridwork to come online into Earth's morphogenetic fields so then on a micro scale: enter the human vessel both individually & collectively. This is the great quickening, the moment when radical self care opens up the extra sensory perceptions & abilities. The moment when we remember that we can live much longer than 100 solar years.

This ascension process ushers in a massive wave of metaphysical modalities, light languages come to form once again, ecological harmonic balance is considered a priority, indigo children & starseeds come via the clarion call for support. Isn't it fantastically wild that when Terra is in its darkest hours that the most light is called to assist.

When we heal in this vortex everything become amplified. It's sends waves of multidimensional pulsations out into every bloodline & incarnation we have experienced. Spirit guide communication & the akashic records are wide open. This is why so many of us are receiving information & wisdoms about our off planet star lineages. This is all about illumination, activation & complete rebirthing. The old programs have been running the show for over 25,000 years, now it's time for a cellular rewrite, so we never drop in consciousness ones again. The future is unwritten, who knows exactly how this will go, but at every turn sentient beings are seeing 11:11, omega amounts of synchronicities are surrounding us, every couple of quantum weeks there is another spiritual power day, we feel the parts of our oversoul come online & the planets of the Sol System are creating configuration so powerful it recalibrates the mechanics/blueprints of our inner soul.

'The Multidimensional Immune System' :: Jan 18th 2024

Quantum frequency medicine works directly with strengthening the immune system. Each session that it is applied to the human vessel it amplifies the master seats of immunity. If sessions are consistent (without larges gaps :: under 8 weeks) then the effects increase with each successive treatment.

The key areas that the crystalline energy flows to is the thymus, spleen, lymph nodes, bone marrow & white blood cells. This covers the physical plane of existence to build antibodies, yet there is so much more that is interconnected in the etheric realms. The new wave of full spectrum healing envisions our being as not 'fighting off' something but focuses more on transmutation. Taking an invasive or harmful substance & turning it into a crystalline form that heals the body.

A large portion of this will be the divine work of the thymus (Higher Heart Chakra) & the cleansing of distortions. As the immune system is being restored, many of the core root patterns/behaviors & routines that are stifling it will come to surface as well as the gridwork of how much prana we can host will be slowly increased. Some of these items may be food related, exercise, chemicals, stress, attitude, using a microwave to cook with, invasive foreign injections (giving our power away) & environmental EMF ect.

When a humanoid or sentient being is disconnected from the spiritual body or the astral realms, avoiding the emotional complex or is in need of a mental body composting, this will in turn lower our immune system: fostering a much greater potential for dis-ease & discomforts. It's not one spot on the body that repairs immunity, it's a multidimensional host of aspects that make up it's existence.

As universal life force energy is channeled into the human vessel, intermixed with other advanced metaphysical tool we can rebuild a new relationship with vibrancy, innate healing & go decades without ever getting sick. The aura plays a massive role in this, as all in many cases sickness comes from outside our body or the environment around us. With a robust aura, we can create a silver intergalactic shield for optimal reinforcements/keeping dis-ease at bay. Then we recode the skeletal system, open the master channels to the blood + repair the dna/mitochondria of the cells.

In my sessions I also use a multiwave 5 therapy mat (treatment table is lined with it) which has a high voltage amount of concentrated negative ions (generator). Negative ions from nature & metaphysical energy healing also increase the vitality of our immune system. No matter the work we do on the physical 3D plane, there is always an energetic portion that is governs the immune system. The 2 need to be in unison in order to take it our immunity to the next level or be the catalyst to finally resolve an issue that seemingly cannot be healed.

Conscious holistic lifestyle matters, taking action matters, raising the frequencies matters, what we eat matters. Even if we think our immune system is strong & we only feel under the weather every few years, why stop there?

Imagine going your entire lifetime without ever being under the weather. The original human did not have any dis-ease, extremely rarely ever got sick & never died. Even in the golden years, 800-1200 years was a common lifespan. Its not normal for us to be spending every moment fighting off dis-ease at every corner. This was engineered to inorganic perfection. Now let's move beyond it & create a new paradigm.

Frequency healing is the ultimate preventive sacred medicine. There is not a single linear path to wellness as each of our immune systems have there own unique properties. A one size fits all model needs to be dissolved. The more photonic light quotient our lightbody can hold, the more robust our immune system becomes.

‘Universal Life Force Energy & The Vagus Nerve’ :: Jan 3rd 2024

During many metaphysical healing treatments (especially Reiki), Universal Life Force Energy can be applied to the body for vagus nerve illumination. As this energy passes through our being to this important area, it repairs the vagus nerve & keeps it vital.

The vagus nerve speaks directly to the 7 baseline chakras. Then it activates a direct connection to the prime spiritual body, which in turn simulates a link to the etheric double/astral twin & higher self. The signals + consciousness that flows from our biology to these 7 vortices is integral to how we function in harmony with incarnational reality. If these are not robust or flowing correctly, then blockages, energy leaks & distortions begin to manifest. We tend to see these as behaviors, patterns, routines, emotions or intense mental activity that impact us in a seemingly negative way, dizziness, migraines  + dis-ease may form if left unattended. Also impacts our cognitive functions.

There is a multitude of causal features as to why this can occur, however the vagus nerve plays a large part. It could be pinched, inflammed or even knocked out of position. In some cases its the central nervous system that plays a part of this  because it is running on overdrive. By directing Universal life Force Energy to the vagus nerve, we can realign it or move back into position. We can reduce the inflammation, send multidimensional information directly to it, raise the kundalini current, open the wing maker frequencies & speak to the chakras with more ease. When we enter the chakra consciousness, we can receive spiritual downloads about our soul's journey or key areas to heal/work on. Many energy practitioners will have these wisdoms come into a healing session.

The practitioner can with training, direct Universal Life Force Energy & request it to go straight to the vagus nerve. The energy will go where its needed organically, yet it the metaphysician doubles up & get involved consciously it can create powerful results, as this healing current is just asking/ripe to be played with. There is no exact amount of sessions for how long it takes for remediation (each being is different), however after a few sessions the results are transformative (some cases even after the 1st session). Why wait for something to become a discomfort, when we can use metaphysical energy treatments to act as a tune up or preventive.

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