Multidimensional Reiki Treatments

:: All of my vibrational healing sessions-treatments come with a follow up email detailing all of the sacred medicines, insights, downloads that took place during our quantum time together & some moments at the end of each session to talk about what transpired-decode some of the messages ::

Bookings: :: 250-880-3330

Multidimensional Reiki Treatment

Using universal life force energy, tuning forks, crystals, vibrational elixirs + sound healing to activate the multidimensional parts inside of us so we can supercharge this incarnation to supreme levels.

Illumination of the core star, connecting deep into our soul, uprooting core root patterns that no longer serve us & recalibrating our lightbody so we can resonate at maximum capacity. Multidimensional Reiki rebalances our physical, emotional, mental , spiritual bodies for full spectrum healing. It also works on the subtle bodies, rewrites our energetic circuitry so we can vibrate at our higher octaves, harmonizes the organs, aids with denial/conditioning, is catalyst for extra sensory perceptions/abilities & brings in divine wisdom for our ascension pathways. This is the omega gateway to radiating/downloading the crystalline upgrades our stellar vessels require for optimum central heart calibrating of the spiritual realms. You will receive hand positions (on & off the  hue-man vessel) on both sides of the body, to offer your sacred being harmonic wellness for the soul. From kidney stones to dna activations, this multidimensional session can meet you wherever you are at  in the quantum now & open up your next steps to divine healing + open up the akashic records of all your lifetimes/spirit realms so additional wisdoms can come forth.

Looking for support for all matters physical….

Looking for a session to assist with elevation of advanced spiritual happenings….

Seeking harmonic wellness to recharge the master batteries….

Curious to try out a Reiki Treatment before taking Reiki Certification….

~ $222 :: 1hr 45mins ~

(full payment in advance) (for more information/bookings)

*In-Person or Distance Online*

Theta Wave Reiki Treatment
Combining the Usui system of natural healing + theta waves for a supreme Reiki treatment that will bring the body into a state of deep relaxation, parasympathetic/yin state with a boost of universal life force energy so you can feel a majestic calmness in the mind & a clarity of vibrations that soothes the soul. This session is minimal talking, so you can fully integrate you hearts magical messages, sacred medicines of the original Reiki hand positions so you can access the subconsciousness for composting what is no longer serving you.

Each of the original 7 chakras will be unified, the hemispheres of the mental body will merge & the divine realms of co-creation with prime creator will be brought into the treatment room so every single particle in your vibratory fields will be elevated. Theta Wave Reiki increases download during dreamspace, generates blood flow when needs, cleanses inner aura, brings us closer to Gaia for grounding excess energy & provides relief/removes toxins in the body. Your immune system will get a boost as well.

~ $222 (Each) & 1hr 45mins (Each) ~

(full payment in advance) (for more information/bookings)
*In-person or (distance) online*

Reiki Duo (+)
This offering is an omega charged, next-octave 1.5hr Reiki session deluxe. You get 2 practitioners at the same quantum time for double the Universal Life Force Energy, deep galactic insights, powerful shifts & stellar medicines for your path to harmonic wholeness/self-awareness/spiritual awakenings.

Hilary Hraefn Porter (Sacred Starseed Healing) & Derek Pennett (The Cosmic Messenger) merge their multidimensional abilities & metaphysical tools with Reiki for rebalancing your spiritual universe, connect into your oversoul + access the crystalline central heart. Reiki Duo (+) treatments are full spectrum recalibrations/healing that be done in-person or remote (distance).

It up-roots core source patterns to be shifted, cleanses the subtle bodies, activates the 12 stages of the lightbody, composts mental/emotional distortions, nervous system repairs & is the perfect celestial tune up for our human body vessel. We are ready to locate your soul's divine mission, start the path to increase your extra sensory capabilities, swim in astro lightcodes, upshift the DNA/cellular network or re-wire the aura so you can finally meet your higher-self.

Each session is tailored to your fantastical being, your personal journey to maximum vibrancy & alchemical transformation.
$333 (1.5hrs)
To book in-person (Victoria, BC): (Reiki Duo+ only)
To book distance (Reiki Duo+ only):

2:2 Reiki Duo+

Want to add another being to your Reiki Duo+ session?

2 Treatment tables will be set up & 2 Starseed Practitioners will be present. You will receive all the mystical full spectrum healing/activations of Reiki Duo+ with another being in the room to take the quantum frequencies to another dimensional blueprint.

Perfect addition to retreats, partnerships, co-creators, deep friendships, star karma or twin souls.

Or perhaps you want to gift someone a simultaneous, real-time galactic tune-up for the soul and energy healing experience.

Starseed Reiki Masters - Multidimensional Practitioners:

Hilary Hraefn Porter - Derek Pennett

$555 (2hrs)


*in-person or (distance) online*

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