Sacred Heart Tameana Sessions

:: All of my vibrational healing sessions-treatments come with a follow up email detailing all of the sacred medicines, insights, downloads that took place during our quantum time together & some moments at the end of each session to talk about what transpired-decode some of the messages ::

Bookings: :: 250-880-3330

Tameana Foundational
Using the 7 planes of existence in-conjuction with the 7 base chakras, quartz/super 7 crystals (+ Tameana symbols) to bring forth a 5th dimensional modality that originates from various star-nations. The full spectrum of spiritual/metaphysical triangular energy grids are layed upon the body as this brings in lightcodes, vibrational medicines all our lightbody parts to supernova quantum charge our being, cleanse star karma, remove stagnations, radical healing, assist with becoming multidimensional, aura work & shift our patterns we no longer require.

If your looking to uproot core root patterns, this is the ultimate modality. The nervous system gets recalibrated, transmissions of divine medicines get downloaded, psychic surgery opens its astral gateways as the sacred geometry of this modality comes for bio-re-genesis, full spectrum healing of the subtle bodies & spiritual actualization. Lets connect to your oversoul & your spirit guides.

Tameana Antahkarana
This session builds upon 'Foundational' adding in 7 more cosmic planes of existence via the galactic cord (above the head) & the upper higher frequency chakras. Additional Tameana symbols added & this is where our reality becomes cosmic as new photonic energies come into this sesssion from the galactic central sun & the deepest layers of our DNA while viewing what on the other side of the veil via the akasic records.

Tameana 'Gaia Code'
This ultra sonic treatment combines the Tameana Foundational sessions 7 planes of existences & adds in another layer that puts the focus into the realms of 7th dimensional Gaia as 7 Gaia Code layers/symbols go under the feet to create a multidimensional cord that reaches deep into the Gaia's & Earth's core. Using energetic lightcodes to connect into your higher self while surrounding the treatment table with an interstellar vortex for full spectrum healing + assists with being comfortable in the physical body on this planet.

This quantum energy session brings our vibrational fields to the realms of the blood, stones, bones, inner core of planets, the crystal gridwork, elemental, devic kingdoms, earth star chakra & the seeds of our intentions. Sacred wisdoms from the ascended master that walked on the Earth merge with the galactic history of hue-mans to assist with transmutation of star karma. This dynamic powerful session also offers nervous system recalibrations, subtle body tune-ups & clarity/cleansing of the mental-emotional bodies.

Connect your heart to the central heart of Gaia & visit the Earth you walk upon for a portal to your etheric blueprints.

Universal Hexagram
The gateway to omega crystal healing, using sacred geometry gridwork & quartz crystals for 6th dimensional healing. This hyper dimensional session is turbo-accelerated to bring alchemical transformations in the metaphysical arenas. It comes into contact with 144 avatar codes, freedom templates, our master guides, full spectrum cleansing & the upper stages of the lightbody.

~ $188 (Foundational or Universal Hexagram) 1hr 30mins ~
~ $255 (Antahkarana or Gaia Code) 2hrs ~

(full payment in advance) (for more information/bookings)
*In-person or (distance) online*

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